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Mr. Berkowitz is very knowledgeable about the different types of care and the products that are available to that cover this kind of risk. What impressed me about Bruce is his ability to explain the complexities of the plan in understandable terms. After spending time with Bruce, you will have the information that you need to make an informed decision as to whether Long Term Care insurance is appropriate for you. I have asked Bruce to give you a call within the next two weeks to set up a time to meet with you for a free Needs Analysis. He is a true professional on this subject and better informed than I about the product and the options available to cover this imposing risk to your financial future. Mr. Bruce Berkowitz has my highest recommendation and you will most certainly be able to trust his professional guidance in making the best decision for your particular circumstances. Very truly yours, LOUIS B. SILVERS Certified Public Accountant


Dear Bruce, My Husband and I are thrilled by the wonderful news you told us today. WE both appreciate tremendously your prompt and diligent preparation of so much paper work, presentation of my form to the right in the channels, and the huge amount of time you've spent explaining this complicated landscape of long term care to us in person and by telephone. Thank you

May I thank you too for your charm and patience in the face of my talkativeness!

I am also grateful to learn so much interesting new information such as women, by virtue of living longer, become the predominant caregivers of still older women; and the higher costs in Northern CA as opposed to Southern California.

As promised, I discussed what you told me today on the phone. I found out something new didn't realize. My husband said that when we met at my sister Nancy's home he only wanted to focus on one goal: arranging for my care. However, he might still be interested in the "2 year" policy from the different insurer than mine. Would he be well - advised to decide before his 80th birthday on June 16th?

Sincerely again, Thank you Ruth

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